Ex racing Greyhounds

Cassie and George waiting for a treat.

Greyhounds make great pets.

The fastest couch potatoes on the planet! One of the oldest breed of dogs on the planet. They come in many different colours too.

They are sweet, gentle dogs who enjoy playtime, dinner and walking, but nothing beats snooze time.

Doing what he does best!

They can also learn tricks and commands quite easily.

Greyhound Tricks


Finally made it to Egypt and had a wonderful trip. We were treated like VIP’s and felt safe all the way through our trip. If you get a chance to go, take it because it is an amazing place to see.




_DSC2443a_b_c_d_e1fl by coastramp
_DSC2443a_b_c_d_e1fl, a photo by coastramp on Flickr.

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